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October 31, 2017 4 min read

The five best gifts for Guitar Players by Art Tribute


Getting a gift for a loved one who happens to be a guitarist can be sophisticated while challenging at the same time. Here are 5 of the best gifts you could get for someone who is a guitarist courtesy of Art-tribute.

Gifts for Guitar and Art lovers can be hard to find!

Here you can find the perfect present for you guitarist player,
birthday presents, Christmas gift, or other holiday gifts for guitar players.


Van Gogh "The Starry Night" Guitar Strap -  

"Starry night" guitar strap by Vincent Van Gogh - 2 strap locks & 2 Van Gogh guitar picks. 

This is another product that is worth looking at. The oceanic blue color is just amazing, and from the way, the Strap was designed, it’s very easy to see that a lot of effort and creative juices were invested to produce something that is overly amazing. The strap is called “Starry Night” for a reason and one of that reason is that it was designed by the legendary Vincent Van Gogh. The strap has the innate ability to easily transform your guitar from being just a guitar into being a true work of art helping you reimagine Van Gogh’s Starry night in a truly awesome but amazing way. The strap is totally adjustable making it one of the best gifts you could give to a loved one.


Van Gogh guitar gift




Girly Guitar Strap

If you are looking for an amazing gift for giving a loved one who is a guitar player, then this girly guitar strip is definitely one of the best gifts to get. The design aesthetic is just so cool, to say the least, and in itself, the guitar strip is totally visually appealing and enough to grab anyone’s attention. The strip has a pink and purple butterfly strip that I bet will never ever go out of style anytime soon. Apart from that, the strip was made using polyester, a very strong fabric material that makes it ideal for carrying bass, electric and acoustic guitars. You can buy and get it shipped to Europe within 5 to 7 days. It’s just amazing.

Girls guitar strap




America’s Great National Landmarks Guitar Picks Set

If you loved one is one of those types whose hobbies in addition to the guitar is fascinated by American architectural prowess and great history, then this guitar picks set is definitely the best gift to get them. They will thank you for it. The pics set contains pictures of the most popular and wonderful American Landmarks such as the Grand Canyon which is also one of the seven natural wonders of the world, the Golden Gate Bridge, one of the manmade world’s wonders, the remarkable Statue of Liberty, the world’s most popular symbol of freedom; the White House, where the most powerful person in the world lives and Mt Rushmore, an amazing simple of true and pure art. You can get these amazing Guitar Picks Set for just $16.95.


Kids guitar picks gift




Unique vintage woven guitar strap bundle includes 2 strap locks & 2 unique picks.

This guitar strap was perfectly handcrafted for ultimate satisfaction. The ultimate gift for someone who is overly passionate about art. Ask any passionate guitar player what they enjoy the most, they are likely to say that it’s the fact that their guitar is a major part of who they are which is all but just amazing. The gorgeous strap was made using a classical Richard Jacquard Renaissance inspired pattern interwoven in an amazing white and brown trim. It’s an ultimate gift for a lover.


Vintage guitar strap gift




The Vincent Van Gogh Guitar Picks – Premium Set

This is the second time Vincent Van Gogh has been featured in this article. You might be asking why? Well, Vincent Van Gogh was definitely one of the best painters who ever lived, I don’t know how he fared with the legendary Pablo Picasso but that’s a debate for another day. Back to the set; This is a guitar picks set that is a direct result of Van Gogh’s work. If your loved one was that kind of person who used to hold their pick firmly with a death grip, then this pick set will make it easier for them as it will enable them to just relax and chill while the pick does the job for them. This pick can also be safely shipped to wherever you are.


Van Gogh gift for guitar player




So, here are they, the five best gifts you can get for a loved one who is a guitarist. Be sure to check out more cool items on











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