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Music Is A Passion

#Art-Tribute: Playing Music With Your Heart

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Art-Tribute: Passion For Music

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Absolutely excellent products!Great customer support! I am definitely buying again!!

Jack M.

Very fast shipping and great service!! 

Sophia G.

I love my Strap!I Now i  Can Travel the world and have my camera with me all the time. You Just Won A Repeat Customer!

Michael B.

About Us

Why Us?

We are 2 Best Friends That We Have passion for music and art. 

Through this love and passion for music the Art-tribute brand was born with 1 goal in mind. We are here to serve the youth with the highest quality music products.

- with an emphasis on quality, philanthropy, simplicity, and aesthetics.

In addition to our obsession for apparel and the arts, we also have a deep passion to give back to those in need.

What makes us different? Our unwavering dedication and commitment to quality, service, and philanthropy. We aren't just 2 people We Are ART-Tribute. We aren't just giving.  Please do have a look around and enjoy your stay.