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Find the right guitar straps that suit your style

 Guitar straps are very helpful if you want to hold your guitar properly and also showcase your style. While every guitar comes with its own strap, the truth is that sometimes you want things that are a bit different. Purchase the best guitar straps that suit your style and expertise. Some people want colorful guitar straps, while others want performance-focused, unique guitar straps. We are here to help with all of that and so much more.

Is leather an important material for guitar straps?

Yes, leather is very helpful because it helps you deal with friction a lot easier. On top of that, you can also add security locks to the strap a lot easier. Once you know how to put on guitar straps, you will notice just how comfortable a custom strap can actually be. It doesn’t matter if you want Franklin guitar straps or Levy’s guitar straps, they are all super comfortable and dependable, which can bring in an astounding return on investment.

There are other materials used for the best guitar straps, such as nylon. This is inexpensive and a standard in the industry. You can also find cool guitar straps, more specifically the colorful ones made out of the synthetic fiber. This is recyclable, tear-resistant, and durable, which makes it ideal for bass guitar straps and couch guitar straps, among many others.

What factors should you consider when you buy guitar straps?

  • Ideally, the best guitar straps fit perfectly. Since the guitar will fall off if the strap is not added properly, you need to make sure that it fits your guitar well and you can move around comfortably. This can make a huge difference. Plus, you shouldn’t feel any major pressure or friction on your shoulder.
  • What length is ideal for guitar straps? That depends on you. You can measure the distance along the shoulder from one strap button to the other. One thing to consider is that if you play it at knee height, you may have to go with an XL or XXL guitar strap.
  • In regards to the guitar strap width, the rule is that heavier instruments need more support. A standard strap will have anywhere from 5-8 cm in width. Remember that the narrower the guitar strap is, the less comfortable it will be. You can attach the shoulder pad to your neck if you want.

There are also some guitar straps that come with extra cords, these are intended to be used with an acoustic guitar. You can fasten the one at the lower end to a strap button, and the other end will be tied around the neck behind the nut, under the strings. In fact, many of the new acoustic guitars come with a secondary strap button right at the neck base.

It’s important to make sure that you buy the best, high-quality guitar straps that you can afford. It doesn’t matter if you want kid guitar straps or something for yourself, always focus on the brand, product quality, and comfort, length, width, and materials. Once you narrow down all of these specifics, you will have no problem finding the best guitar strap to suit your requirements.