Red Vintage Woven Guitar Strap

    Our Red vintage Woven Guitar Strap will provide you comfort and style from the moment you use them. This gorgeous strap is inspired by a Classic Rich Jacquard Renaissance pattern in Red and Bronze woven trim to give you the comfortability you desire.


    Width: 2"
    Length: 35"-60"

    Each strap is packaged with Strap button, 2 matching guitar picks and 2 strap locks. You get more than what you pay for!

    Our strap's best features are its universal compatibility, its adjustable straps, and it has a pickpocket where you can store your picks to avoid losing them.


    4 Great Reasons To Buy From Us:

    -- we have 30 days money back guarante if you don't like our item we will cry :) but we will refund you NO Questions asked..

    -- we send out your item usually the next day unless we get alot of unexpected orders (holiday season etc...)

    -- We strive to have the best support and we will answer any question you have in 12 hours or less

    -- we work 24/7/365 and we are always available!

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