How To Attach A Guitar Strap - Guitar Strap Attachment

How to attach a guitar strap to an acoustic guitar | Art Tribute

Basically, all you need is a piece of string that you get with the set. and you use this to connect the front of your strap the neck of your beautiful Guitar and you're ready to go.



1. Take your string, about 25 to 30 inches works will give you extra, and running through the keyhole on the front of your strap. Tie a knot close to the hole.

2. Run one side of the string through the headstock of your guitar and tie a knot on the other side. 

3. That's about it, basically just attach the back to the back button on the guitar and you're ready to go. any string will do as long as it's thin enough to fit under your strings at the headstock.


How to attach guitar strap to electric guitar 

Putting a strap on an electric guitar The straps have their ends shaped into a rounded triangle. Holes are bored into these ends to support the guitar when you are playing it. You should connect the strap top the knob, which is located the base of the body. It is better to slip the hole over the knob to ensure the fitting buckle is facing outwards. If not, you may have the strap digging into your shoulder. Next, slip the second hole on the guitar strap over the second knob. The knob on electric guitars is usually located at the point where the body meets the neck of the guitar. Slip the second hole over the knob and put the second end on the knob. Finally, slip the guitar strap over the shoulder. You need to test the strap after fitting it. Slip it over your left shoulder if you are right-handed, and vice versa. The best way to test the strap is by playing the guitar. Try to play it laying down, kneeling, sitting, standing and various other positions. You may then adjust the strap to make it feel more comfortable.


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