Camera Straps

What are camera straps for?

Professional photographers (and everyone feeling like one) use camera straps to provide security and comfort when carrying their cameras.

With a camera strap, when you are capturing a moment, you don’t need to spend time pulling out the camera from the backpack and miss the moment. The camera strap allows you to carry your equipment around your shoulder, neck, or wrist. 

This is especially important when a photographer is carrying multiple accessories and lenses.

In the same way…when the photographer’s attention is on capturing the details, they don’t have to worry about dropping their camera

Camera straps help distribute the weight of the camera and provide added security, especially if a photographer is working in a fast-paced environment. If you need to move quickly and keep your hands free, a camera strap is a perfect solution!

Moreover, the camera strap helps reduce camera shake when shooting handheld.

To conclude, camera straps are mostly used by photographers who work outside of the studio and need “an additional hand” for their equipment. If you are working from a studio only, you are most likely using a tripod, so a camera strap wouldn’t be of help. 

How do you choose a camera strap? Which camera strap type is for you? 

There are quite a handful of different camera straps that you can choose from, and it mostly depends on your personal preferences,  but here are some characteristics of each one:

Cross-body (Shoulder) Straps

One of the most sought-after camera straps is a strap that goes over your shoulder and chest, distributing the weight of the camera evenly, and allowing you to move freely, and have quick access to your equipment.

If you are carrying a camera that’s not considered as “lightweight”, or you plan to wear it for an extended period, you should go for a cross-body/ shoulder strap.

Neck Camera Strap

Neck camera straps are perfect for light equipment/light cameras, as they are not recommended for a longer period of use (because neck straps put all the load of your camera on the back of your neck). However, if you are performing a specific photoshoot, and you need a camera strap that provides the quickest possible access to your camera and can double as a stabilizer - a neck strap is a great choice!

P.S. All of our Art Tribute straps are adjustable, which means that they can serve both as a shoulder and a neck strap. You can tailor it to your preferences.

Hand Wrist Camera straps 

Wrist Camera straps are designed to give you a very secure grip on the camera itself and are perfect if you always want a camera in your hand. 

Whatever camera strap you choose, make sure it’s secure and has quick-release buckles, that you can use to detach your camera (or switch your camera straps) in a few seconds.

Art Tribute camera straps are reinforced with vegan leather at the bottoms, as well as quick-release buckles, making it more secure and comfortable than ever! 

What camera strap material should I choose? 

Each strap material has its own advantages and disadvantages, but it all boils down to your preferences and the highest comfortability.

For example, most of our Art Tribute straps are made of padded 100% cotton, reinforced with vegan leather at the bottoms. We chose this combination because it provides the maximum comfort, it feels light on your shoulder, and it looks amazing and stylish!

The leather at the bottoms of the strap makes the camera strap even more premium looking and adds extra security.

However, if you need your camera strap to be fully waterproof, you should go for a neoprene one.

And the fully leather ones - they provide a great aesthetic appearance but are the least comfortable for long wears. 


What camera strap is the best for DSLR?

Art Tribute straps are a great option if you are looking for a camera strap for DSLR due to its ability to carry a lot of weight, and ability to adjust its length to your needs. With the quick-release buckles, it’s easy to swap a strap or detach a camera (yet, it’s fully secure!), which is great for active shooting. 

How long should the camera strap be? 

The ideal camera strap length depends on the type of camera strap you chose (shoulder or neck strap), as well as your body type.
Typically, straps range from 40-60 inches.
That’s why we created an adjustable strap that ranges from 31-60 inches, and you can adjust it to your preference, hight, and body type.