The EMPRESS Guitar Strap - Adjustable Guitar Strap for Acoustic, Electric and Bass Guitar



    The EMPRESS strap combines a vintage look and contemporary vibrancy.
    This vintage style is characterized by rich textures that you’ll easily notice in the detailed floral pattern of this strap. 

    The embroidered bold, vivid colors are set against the dark background, making the colors pop even more. 

    Combined with the vegan leather at the bottoms, we’ve achieved a timeless and elegant look that enriches your performance.

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    Whether you use a Vintage Sony camera, Canon camera, or Nikon DSLR camera, our DSLR camera strap is designed to provide you with the same performance, reliability, and comfort with any camera you can think of.

    ADJUSTABLE & COMFORTABLE: Minimum 33” Long to Max Size: 61” Long & 2” Wide. Art Tribute straps are specially designed to fit and feel comfortable to all body types. 

    SAFE & SECURE: Art Tribute straps come with an attachment string and a strap lock, making sure that your camera is safe and sound! And the quick-release buckles will help you switch your camera strap within a few seconds. 


    Art Tribute straps are made using a bland of pure cotton webbing, super-soft fiber cloth and cowhide for the top. If you enjoy wearing cruelty-free materials that last a lifetime and add a touch of elegance to your profession, Art Tribute straps are perfect for you! 


    A gift with purchase - Limited Edition! 

    Grab a chance to get your favorite guitar strap together with 2 matching guitar picks, a strap locker, and extra attachment strings! ($20 value for FREE)


    One of our strap's best features is its universal compatibility. Whether your guitar is an acoustic, an electric, or even a bass one, this strap is guaranteed to be a match with your favorite instrument!


    The guitar strap has a width of 2" and a length that's adjustable anywhere between 35" and 60", so it's guaranteed to fit you perfectly. What's more, it also has a practical pocket where you can store your picks!

    REDUCING BACK PRESSURE: The softness and comfort of a woven strap can help reduce guitar back pains and back pressure. Make playing more enjoyable! 

    SAFE & SECURE: Easily attach the strap to your guitar without any drilling or damage. All of the Art Tribute straps include attachment strings and strap locks, making your guitar safe and sound!