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Abstract Art Guitar Picks - Wassily Kandinsky 12 Pack


  • ★ Complete set of musical goodness ★ 

      Invest in quality: As an artist, when it comes to your music you should simply choose the best. Get the benefits of these high-quality Kandinski Abstract art guitar picks for a warm sound effect and a pleasant performance!


      Upgrade Your Musical Performance And Appearance As An Artist

      This unique Abstract art guitar picks set can not be found anywhere else, it comes as a set with a metal "click-clack" box for easy storage that prevents losing your picks, and a leather keychain pick holder so you can have your favorite picks with you anywhere you go!

      you get 2 picks of each design so you can actually share it as a gift with your friends and family members.

        ✓  Unique Limited Edition
        ✓ 12 Celluloid Guitar Picks Medium 0.71mm 
        ✓ Metal click clack box for easy storage
        ✓ Famous Abstract Art Works by Wassily Kandinski
        Composition, On White, Yellow-Red-Blue, Circles in a circle, Color Study

        If you like arts & music, this set is definitely for you!
        Get your daily inspiration only by looking at the paintings of your picks! Imagine how these unforgettable painters left their mark in the global art legacy. Get the motivation you need to become awesome!
        Enjoy playing and creating music like never before with a source of endless inspiration right at your fingertips!
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