How to Attach a Guitar Strap to a Guitar

January 07, 2018 3 min read

How to Attach a Guitar Strap to a Guitar

Sitting down position is not the only way to play guitar; you can also play while standing up, lying down, walking around or in any other position for that matter.  This flexibility and easier handling are made possible when you attach a strap to the guitar. You can support the guitar as you play it if you have straps attached. The strap transfers the guitars weight to your shoulders so that you can have free hands to play. As a guitar lover, you need to know how to attach guitar strap; this is why this write-up has been put together. 

Finding the right strap

Many of these straps around are of a belt-style material, and they are affordable. The leather material, on the other hand, is somewhat more expensive, but tend to last longer. Many of the straps being made today can be adjusted to any length you desire. What matters is finding a strap that is long enough to give you comfort while playing some straps are padded over the shoulders to provide more comfort while playing. The padding can be made of fur or foam. They are equally available in various designs and colors 

Putting strap on an electric guitar

The straps have their ends shaped into a rounded triangle. Holes are bored into these ends to support the guitar when you are playing it. You should connect the strap top the knob, which is located the base of the body. It is better to slip the hole over the knob to ensure the fitting buckle is facing outwards. If not, you may have the strap digging into your shoulder.
Next, slip the second hole on the guitar strap over the second knob.  The knob on electric guitars is usually located at the point where the body meets the neck of the guitar. Slip the second hole over the knob and put the second end on the knob. Finally, slip the guitar strap over the shoulder. You need to test the strap after fitting it. Slip it over your left shoulder if you are right-handed, and vice versa.  The best way to test the strap is by playing the guitar. Try to play it laying down, kneeling, sitting, standing and various other positions. You may then adjust the strap to make it feel more comfortable.

Putting strap on an acoustic free

Many of the acoustic guitars around have a single knob to which you can hook the strap, unlike electric guitars. As a result, you will need twine or piece of string to tie the headstock to one end of the strap. All that matters is for the string to fit under the strings at the back of the nut. You can even use an old shoelace if you do not have a string.
Next, look for the knob located at the base of your acoustic guitar and attach one of the ends of the strap to it. The strap must be oriented in such a way that the buckle will face outward without digging into your shoulder when you are playing. Afterwards, slip the strap through the hole located at the second end of the strap. Keep in mind that the second end of the string needs to be tied to the headstock since acoustic guitars only have one knob.  Pass the string through the hole at the end of the strap closer to the buckle.
Next, slip the strings around the headstock and under the strings. Hold one end of the string and pass it behind the nut under the strings. Then, pass the second end of the string around and under the headstock. Make sure the string is resting behind the nut.
Then tie a sturdy knot to secure the string. Tie the ends together afterward. You may decide to double the string up if it looks longer than usual; this will reduce the distance between the headstock and the strap. You should tie very strong knots multiple times to prevent the strings from loosening when you are playing the guitar.
The final step is to test the strap to find it if there is a need for adjustment or not. Trying playing the guitar in different positions to make sure it is comfortable.  You may have to untie the knot and readjust it if the length is too long.

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