Van Gogh Gifts For Guitar Players 2021

March 02, 2017 3 min read


Did you know that Vincent Van Gogh had sold only ONE painting before his death? 
He was way ahead of his time, so his creations are one of the most valuable paintings that we have today. With us being the Van Gogh enthusiasts, we have created some artsy gifts for all of you that enjoy Van Gogh paintings.  

Don't worry, these Van Gogh themed gifts are way more affordable than the paintings. 


#1 Vincent Van Gogh Guitar Picks 


This guitar picks set features the greatest Vincent's paintings - Starry Night, Sunflowers, The Langlois Bridge at Arles, Fishing Boats on the Beach of Saintes, Cafe Terrace At Night, The Bedroom.

To be honest, we couldn't decide which one is the best, so we made all of them! Not only that you get 12 guitar picks that will impress everyone, but you also get a metal storage box and a keychain holder. We know how easy is to lose the guitar accessories if you don't store them properly. 

All of them are printed in HD, which will make you feel like you are holding the original paintings between your fingertips. 

Price: $19.90

Check it out here 



#2 Van Gogh "Starry Night" Guitar Strap

starry night guitar strap


The Starry Night has become the symbol of hope, and in times like these, hope is something that we desperately need. It is said that Van Gogh considered the Starry Night to be a failure, and now it is become one of the most valuable creations of all time. 

It was hour honor to create a Starry Night guitar strap for all of the art enthusiasts out there. Every guitar player deserves to wear something this unique. 

If you are looking for a Van Gogh gift that will leave you in awe, search no more! 
Not only that you will get a Starry Night guitar strap, but also the matching guitar picks and the guitar lock. You can get all of these for just $29.90.

Click here to check it out. 



You showed us that you love Van Gogh themed gifts, and we are thrilled to see how satisfied you are. With guitar players creating one of the most beautiful types of art - the music, we will certainly be featuring more artsy gifts. 

Let us know what's the next Van Gogh gift you'd like to have, and we'll do our magic. 


Before we finish, here are some of the reasons why Vincent Van Gogh was an extraordinary artist that we should admire. 

1. Van Gogh was a hero. 

As many artists, he was quite depressed while growing up. Having a though childhood, his way to escape was sketching. 

He had a hard time expressing himself verbally, so he painted all of his emotions. If you take a look at his paintings, you'll definitely be able to see his mood swings. 

2. Always in a rush

Unlike other artists, Van Gogh didn't spend years painting a picture. His dramatic strokes show us that we created all of his masterpieces with a sense of urgency. This was way ahead of his time, when all the paintings were extremely detailed and smooth. 

3. The biggest influencers of all

Van Gogh is one of the most influential artist that ever existed because he was determined to follow his dreams. He painted the Starry Night out of the sanatorium, and it still represents hope. 

If we take a look at his history, everything this artist has survived, what excuse do we have not to be extraordinary?


Adam Jim
Adam Jim

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